Note for programmer

I coded this website mainly using GatsbyJS and GraphQL, hosted on Netlify, and I've put the entire code on Github under Creative Common BY-NC 4.0 License. Feel free to clone, use and modify it for non-commercial purposes. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask! :)

The Idea

I imagine this website animating primitive ingredients to capture the hunter-gatherer lifestyle, like the excitement of discovering fire, drawing on the cave walls, pointing finger to the stars or the joy of sharing stories around the campfire.


Light Mode: Fire making!


Dark Mode: Fired up!

What is this?

This blog is an attempt to project and organize my thoughts; a sort of documentation of past and present memories; a place where I can practice expressing ideas, capture my own inquiry and thinking process, reflect on spontaneous firsthand experiences, tell the story of how I felt towards stuff I've read and heard, what I've discovered and what I'm working on; and a place to invite any curious mind out there to share in a slepless dialogue

About Me


I grew up in a sleepy little town in North Sumatra, surrounded by mountains and sea-facing Indian Ocean. After high school, I took my first sail to study computer science and mathematics. Later, I began my professional career as software engineer in Jakarta. These days I mostly write code around JavaScript & TypeScript for work, and in C++ and Python for fun. I also enjoy juggling trick practice, chess, playing guitar/piano, drawing, capture a moment, & searching for nature in spare time.


I made this visual map to keep track of the countries I've been so far and encourage myself to explore more places I haven't yet seen.

Asia (7): 🇮🇩, 🇹🇱, 🇸🇬, 🇲🇾, 🇹🇭, 🇯🇵, 🇨🇳
Europe (1): 🇫🇷

Indonesia : Home Timor-Leste : 1x France : Current resident China : 1x airport transit Malaysia : 2x airport transit Japan : 1x

Tech & Gadget

Laptop: Macbook Pro M3 Pro 2023, 14", Dell Latitude 5420
Phone: iPhone 7
eReading: Kindle Paperwhite 2020
Earphone: Senheiser CX True Wireless
Camera: Canon EOS 600D
Game Console: Nintendo Switch Lite 2019


Title font : Fira Sans-serif by Erik Spiekermann
Text font : Neue Haas Unica, 29LT Ada by Toshi Omagari

Mini-screen background: Moonlit Night 1878 by Ivan Aivazovsky