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I developed this website with Gatsby Framework, hosted on Netlify, and I've put the entire code on Github. Feel free to clone or contribute (if you have any questions or specific request don't hesitate to ask)

What is this?

This blog is an attempt to project and organize my thoughts; a sort of documentation of the past and the present memories; a place where I can practice expressing ideas, capture my own inquiry and thinking process, reflect on spontaneous firsthand experiences, tell the story of how i felt towards stuff I've read and heard, what I've discovered and I'm working on; and the last but not least, a place to wait any adventerous mind out there to share oneself in a slepless dialogue

About Me


I grew up in a sleepy little town in North Sumatera, it's surrounded by mountains and the sea-facing Indian Ocean. After high school, I took my first sail to the capital to study computer science, I would prefer to say mathematics in disguise. I began my profesional career as software engineer in Jakarta. These days I mostly write code around JavaScript & TypeScript for work, sometimes in C++ and Python for recreational


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