Fragments 2022

June 12, 2022

L'arbre des mots

Quand j’étais petit
J’avais l’habitude de jouer à l’association de mots
avec mon cousin, par exemple:
quand il a dit “cocotier”
J’ai répondu “plage”
quand il a dit “tortue”
J’ai répondu par “lent et vieux”
un jour quand j’ai dit “mot”
il a répondu par “cimetière”
Je n’ai pas compris pourquoi et j’ai demandé
il a dit que tu peux enterrer des mots dans le cimetière
et en a fait pousser un arbre

The tree of words

when I was a kid
I used to play word association
with my cousin. for example:
when he said “coconut tree”
I replied with “beach”
when he said “turtle”
I replied with “slow and old”
one day when I said “word”
he replied with “cemetery”
I don’t understand why, and asked
he said you can bury words in the cemetery
and grown a tree out of it

March 16, 2022

The Desert Lullaby

peace is a fatamorgana
a time to heal the wound,
to find the lost family
to forget the unspeakable
to make a new life
to find a new love
to gather allies
to create more deadly weapons
to break another promise

and war, it’s a long footsteps
toward an oasis, which doesn’t
even there

February 10, 2022


one evening
i silently calculated
how many step i need
to get to the seashore
i sometimes imagine
losing the person you know,
or you love, feels like losing
all the footsteps on the sand
swept by the sea
without purpose
it erodes slowly, suddenly

January 19, 2022

The Ghozali NFT hype seems to me like "Budi Setiawan from Binomo trading advertisement", it's just another kind of marketing strategy with a non-disclosure agreement behind the scenes. While Binomo made the marketing explicit, the Ghozali NFT approach is more subtle and organic. The aim is clear: to attract Indonesia's consumer-driven market

Fragments 2021

November 14, 2021

Chaque vérité que je trouvois étant une règle qui me servoit après à en trouver d’autres (Each truth that I discovered became a rule which then served to discover other truths)
–René Descartes, "Discours de la Méthode"

October 8, 2021

The Organ Grinder (Der Leiermann)

Over there beyond the village

Stands an old organ-grinder,

And with numb fingers

He plays as best he can

Barefoot on the ice,

He totters here and there,

And his little plate

Is always empty.

No one listens to him,

No one notices him,

And the dogs growl

Around the old man.

And he just lets it happen,

As it will,

Plays, and his hurdy-gurdy

Is never still.

Hey strange organ grinder,

Shall I go with you?

To the sound of my singing,

Would you play a tune?

—Wilhelm Müller & Franz Schubert

September 26, 2021

Dark series synthesis: To bend the reality you need to reconstruct and put two states of Schrodinger's law into hundreds of thousands simulations until the entities inside both states reach their solution's limit before they decided to revert back to the original state. I think this solution act like Conway's game of life.

July 13, 2021

and Rita? et Rita?

She’s very intelligent dog. Take her..
c’est un chien très intellegent. Prends-la.

You don’t want her?
Vous ne la veux le pas?

I want nothing.
Je ne veux rien

Then stop breathing..
Puis arrête de respirer

That’s a good idea.
C’est un bonne idée

have you stopped breathing?
vous ne respirez plus?

—Valentine and The Judge, Three Colours: Red

July 2, 2021
Defining a programming language is not an easy task. Normally, languages are designed to improve certain aspects of other existing languages or to improve a certain task. Python was born to replace the ABC language. Java and its virtual machine were designed to run the same code everywhere without additional compilations. Erlang was created to improve telephony applications. We cannot expect these languages to be a particularly suitable solution for absolutely everything. Comparing two languages designed for different goals performing the same tasks is somehow biased. Think about Java. It has been around since 1995 and it can be found it large platforms that have nothing to do with its original purpose. And this could be one of the main reasons why many developers hate it. Nowadays developing an API REST in Java is convoluted when compared with any younger language. However, we forget how the Java Virtual Machine opened up a huge line of wonderful solutions such as Android Developers are reluctant to learn new languages. It requires an additional effort and you will feel miserable until you hit some proficiency. This makes developers criticize languages they are not familiar with.
June 20, 2021
We do not belong to those who have ideas only among books, when stimulated by books. It is our habit to think outdoors – walking, leaping, climbing, dancing, preferably on lonely mountains or near the sea where even the trails become thoughtful
—Friedrich Nietzsche
June 19, 2021
"Sit as little as possible; do not believe any idea that was not born in the open air and of free movement – in which the muscles do not also revel. All prejudices emanate from the bowels. – Sitting still (I said it once already) – is the real sin against the Holy Ghost"
—Friedrich Nietzsche
April 9, 2021
"But in the end, one needs more courage to live than to kill itself"
—Albert Camus, A Happy Death
Avril 9, 2021
Pourquoi les gens échangeraient-ils leur vie pour l'incertitude qui suit la mort ? On dirait que la mort est plus raisonnable et convaincante que la vie, surtout lorsqu'elle est garantie par quelqu'un en qui ils ont confiance.

C’est comme le dit le vieux proverbe : « L’éléphant devant l’œil est invisible, la fourmi à travers l’océan est visible. »

Dans le roman d’Albert Camus, La Mort heureuse, il y a une citation qui reflète mon opinion sur les récents attentats suicides : « Il y a des jours où l’on voudrait être à sa place. Mais il faut plus de courage pour vivre que pour se tuer. »

Februari 24, 2021
Setahun berlalu sejak virus Corona berganti nama menjadi Covid-19. Ahli bicara BNPB yang wajahnya tak pernah absen setahun terakhir mengabarkan berita kematian tampaknya sudah kelelahan dan menghentikan berita pers harian. Pemda DKI yang setiap dua minggu sekali rutin memperpanjang PSBB juga demikian. Indonesia hari ini adalah Indonesia yang tengah megap-megap berusaha menambal hutang teknis setahun terakhir, dengan perangai yang kurang lebih sama. Solusi lockdown sepertinya sudah hampir tak ada gunanya, adapun yang sejenisnya, mikro-lockdown dengan protokol kesehatan plus-plus pun pada akhirnya kita semua tahu itu lebih banyak wacananya

Fragments 2020

February 12, 2020
More than a month after the outbreak, Coronavirus finally got its new name -- Covid-19. Apparently the virus can survive for 5-20 days; on Twitter, I saw a video of bank officers in China disinfected enormous boxes of money to prevent the virus spreading. Chen Qiushi, a journalist who defied China's communist party monopoly by cover-up the information about the Coronavirus has been disappearing. People are getting obsessed with antibacterial soap and facial masks; I went to two mini marts only to find nothing. On the train people who use masks seeing each other with a suspicious gaze. Indonesia still has no reported Coronavirus, most people including WHO are not so happy about that. It sounds like a story of an old friend from school who never get a good mark then make a surprise with a perfect score, everyone is amazed, but no one believes.